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Success Stories

Please check out our testimonials from patients who have participated in our 8 weeks to wellness program:

Please read our testimonials from patients that have improved their health through chiropractic:

“I met Dr. Jim on the tee box at an Avid Golfer event in June. While waiting I was invited to sit on the table, and allow Dr. Jim to assess some of my neck trouble areas. In a professional manner Dr. Jim told me I could benefit from chiropractic care. His confidence, knowledge and geniality convinced me to give it a try. I had been suffering from neck and back pain for over 20 years. And had actually been thinking about trying it out!  I’m glad I did. After 3 weeks, I feel happier, healthier and less stressed, and these are just the mental benefits. Physically I am more flexible, and I feel stronger.  I am a firm believer that Chiropractic care heightens mental and physical health, and I would recommend any Avid Golfer to give it a look. I’m glad I made the decision! Dr. Kambeitz is at the top of this game, and I would encourage everyone to explore the benefits of his care.” -Rob Harp

"Over a year ago, I was experiencing back pain left from a surgical procedure. I had tried physical therapy and acupuncture with no results. Several people suggested chiropractic, but in my 74 years I had never consulted a chiropractor. Being an R.N., I was pretty skeptical. Then two people had very positive things to say about their chiropractor, and I discovered that they were both talking about Dr. Kambeitz. I made an appointment but was indeed a "doubting Thomas." I am so happy to have found Dr. Kambeitz and his clinic.  My back pain is a thing of the past!! With adjustments and myo fascial massage the pain became less and less and was finally non-existent.  I am a stroke survivor of 25 years, have right sided pareses, and walk with a cane. My left arm, doing double dutry, was often sore and ached from overuse. Dr. Kambeitz found that this was due to nerves in my left arm and neck being inflamed. Manipulation and massage on a regular basis have resolved this symptom completely! I now go for preventative/maintenance care about once/month and am completely pain-free! In addition to being competent and effective, Dr. Kambeitz and his entire staff are caring, professional, and encouraging. I have gone from being a "doubting Thomas" to being a huge fan. I highly recommend the Kambeitz Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center to anyone who wishes to improve their health!", Jean R. Buscherhof, R.N., Ph.D.

"Your patience and kindness is some of the reasons I want to continue with you all. I do feel in need of the support that you cannot buy that I feel and get from you.Thank you again."  D.K.

"In October 2013 I attended a health fair because I had hopes that there was a treatment for my back pain I had not tried.  I was in pain and could not force myself to workout.  I ate to comfort my pain.  An orthopedic doctor told me the only thing I could do for my knees was to lose weight.  Thankfully the staff at Kambeitz Chiropractic did so much more than help me lose weight.  I started the 8WW program and lost weight right away.  My new normal is pain free joints, sustainable energy and a happiness I cannot hide."  D.W.

“I met Dr. Jim Kambeitz at a health fair held by my company, CH2M HILL. I told him about my constant low back pain that I’ve had for two years and the pain in my mid back on my right side that I could feel every time I took a deep breath. Dr. Kambeitz listened to my description of the pains, poked and prodded a little bit, and then said, “I think I can help you,” in such a way that I knew it was true.
I started seeing results after the first few visits. What I appreciated the most was being given tools (i.e. stretches and strengthening exercises) that I could use on my own at home, which gave me some control over providing my own care without being dependent on scheduling appointments. My low back pain went away after just a few weeks, but I could also feel that if I didn’t continue with the care I had started, the pain would come back. So, I made a commitment to doing the stretches and exercises that Dr. Kambeitz and Thomas, their massage therapist, had assigned me.
Now, when I attend my appointments, I feel like it is truly for maintenance, for maintaining the strides we’ve achieved. I feel stronger and more capable than ever. I am now actively pursuing a new competitive sport (racquetball) and have a promising career in it. When I played in the racquetball circuit five years ago, I could not stand up straight after playing a day in a tournament. Now, I can’t even remember what that used to feel like. It took a leap of faith, but I am so grateful I took it! My experience at Dr. Kambeitz’s office has changed my life. “
Heidi’s best advice to patients:
• Be open. Be open to new sensations in your body, new ideas for exercises or stretches that may help, etc. Be open to the fact that the care being offered might actually work
• when nothing else has!
• Be committed. It does take a lot of time, especially to do the exercises and stretches on your own. If you’re committed enough to make appointments in the office, you owe it to yourself to make the most of that investment and go all the way. It’s worth it; I promise!
• Be patient. You might not see results in the first visit, or even the first few visits. Keep at it and know that as long as you can feel things changing (i.e. different than they used to be) in your body, you are headed down the right track.
• Be assertive. Don’t be shy about mentioning an ache or pain, even if you think you sound like you’re “complaining”. Even if you are feeling “Great!” relative to the first time you walked in the office, you should be honest about how you are feeling each day.
• Be creative. Work alongside the Doctor’s and staff to design a plan that best suits your needs." -H.B.

"Thank you for making a difference in my daughters life. Every aspect of her life was impacted by migraines for the past 10+ years. She saw the best of the best Neurologists had medication as part of the Mayo clinic study etc. You are the only one who has been able to successfully treat her migraines . Thank you for giving Amanda her life back. You are truly amazing." - Bridget Junkala via Facebook

"I have been a patient for a little over 2 years now and can't say enough good about the Doctors, Staff and experience. I love thier approach of treating the whole body, and promoting overall good health and well being all done in a sensible manner. They really listen to their patients and always have their best interests at heart." - Kate Maher via Google+

"I have been seeing Dr. Kambeitz for almost 10 years now. I rarely get a cold, feel great and with the help of the entire staff I am in the best physical shape I've been in my entire life. I use to have lower back pain and my herniated disks are no longer an issue. About a year ago I participated in their 8 Weeks to Wellness Program and was very successful. What I learned about nutrition and physical fitness during that program have become part of my lifestyle now. I think the best part of Kambeitz Chiropractic, is that the entire staff works like a team and together they make you feel part of their family. They are truly supportive and knowledgeable in all their areas of expertise. From physical training, to massage and of course the chiropractic care, are all top notch. I recommend this team of experts every chance I get!!!" - Vivian Ferriola via Google+

"Dr. Kambeitz and Zales gave me my life back after a serious neck injury during a soccer game. In addition to a dislocated jaw, teeth through my lip, 2 cracked molars and a severe concussion, I had a twisted C1 vertebrae which was causing many autonomic nervous issues. They corrected most everything over a 10 month period. I trust them with my life!" - Pete Kramlick via Facebook

"My initial goal in beginning 8 Weeks to Wellness was to simply feel better. The stress of caring for an elderly parent and the wear and tear of 62 years contributed to digestive problems and chronic aches and pains. Medical examinations found no serious problems, so I was left to treat symptoms with the normal regiments of antacids and ibuprofen. I considered myself a healthy person with an active lifestyle, but I didn't feel well. 8 Weeks to Wellness provided an integrated program that included all of the elements that I have never been able to be consistent with. I needed the structure of the program to give form to my good intentions so that they could become reality in a consistent and comprehensive way. The training part of the program provided new insights into working out and gave me the extra push to challenge my body. The adjustments and myofascial release therapy not only provided treatment, but also helped me understand the causes of my body aches. The result was physical and mental relief. The structure of a healthier diet and supplementation was also extremely helpful. The practice of using a journal to record what I was eating helped keep me on track and resulted in a change of lifestyle. My body now craves healthier foods and I have become acutely aware of how much better I feel when I keep my body well nourished throughout the day. No more binge eating from feeling famished at the end of a long work day.  The results for me have gone far beyond my goal of feeling better. I have experienced a change in body composition, I have a stronger core and balance, I have a new love of exercise, and I have actually found great pleasure in healthy foods. An additional feature of the program was the use of a before and after blood test. Feeling better is a very subjective measurement of success, but the facts afforded by the blood work provided me with an objective look at the significant changes that had occurred internally. I truly am a healthier person thanks to this program. I am grateful to the entire staff of Kambeitz Chiropractic for their encouraging and kind manner, their commitment to excellence, and their professional expertise. Gratefully Yours, Bill Meyers "

"I have been a patient for about 3 months and am impressed with Dr. Zales, Dr. Kambeitz and the staff. They are all helpful, friendly and inform you on how to improve your health in addition to the care they provide. I came into the clinic with sever acid reflux/stomach issues after a year of trying numerous doctors/specialists with failed results and no explanations for why it was happening. Dr. Zales was determined to help me and explained why these symptoms were happening. The causes were evident in the x-rays and scans taken. It was surprising and refreshing to have a doctor who listened and took my symptoms seriously. After the first adjustment my acid symptoms improved immensely and continue to improve with the adjustments. This has improved the condition of my life and I am truly grateful for the attentive care Dr. Zales and staff provide me." - Megan via Google+

"Dr. Jim and his therapists have helped with my injuries through the years. I am back on the court, or course in half the standard recovery time! I have suffered from a torn calf muscle and recently a rib cartilage tear. I was back playing competitively in 10 days! Their staff is always professional and caring . I cannot speak enough of their Practice! I believe in their whole health and pro active, preventative care philosophy." - Jo via Google+

"I have been a patient of Kambeitz Chiropractic for approximately four and a half years. Through my entire life I've seen a Chiropractor. I suffered severely from neck and back tension, as well as frequent migraines. My attempt at finding pain relief was to a Neck and Spine specialist, which later was "solved" with anti-inflammatories, and no answers. Gratefully through my employer's health fair, on a day I was having an intense migraine did Dr. K. and his team come into my life. I went to get the 5 minute free massage, and got an individual consultation on the spot. They could all see how much pain I was in and really, really wanted to help. I decided on going into Kambeitz Clinic shortly after the health fair. After receiving x-rays, and the scans, I now fully understood why I wasn't feeling good. We planned out an all natural strategy on how we were going to alleviate the pain. But Dr. K. doesn't want to you to just feel better. He wants you to feel great, EVERYDAY. I'm a very active person, and my body is changing constantly. Whether or not I came in with pain in my neck, arm, shoulder, or knee Dr. K. and his team were there to help diminish it. I still receive maintenance treatments from Dr. K. on a bi-weekly basis. I no longer have migraines, or complain of backaches. My overall stress and tension rarely exist, and I can honestly say, I feel the best I've EVER FELT. If you are willing to make the commitment to yourself, if you want to wake up feeling great, and you are dedicated to the health and wellness of your body... there is no other Clinic I would recommend other than Kambeitz. The entire staff is so friendly and they are really there to help you, and give you the best individual attention you deserve." - Shayna via Google+

"Excellent, knowledgeable and incredibly caring staff. Really helped with my back pain!" - Brad Frye

"My wife and I have been seeing the folks at Kambeitz for two years, now. I cannot say enough about Dr. Jim, Dr. Brian Zales, and their amazing staff; they not only gave us solid results, but educated us on the most effective wellness practices in our household. My golf game was suffering due to lower back sublaxation that I could not solve on my own; Kambeitz was able to straighten things out, quickly, and provide me the tips to keep my back in line and in better shape. It's much easier to stay healthy, than to get healthy. My wife and I are currently taking our infant twin girls to Kambeitz for weekly wellness checks. We were having some digestive issues with our girls and did not look forward to getting them on any medications. We noticed such an improvement within the first 2 weeks, and now the girls are just as regular as new parents would expect. Now 6 months old, our girls have never had a cold, no ear infections, and they even SLEEP between 10-12 hours each night. We couldn't ask for healthier babies and have KCH&WC to thank for their hard work and attention to our family." - David Howell via Google+

"I have been going to Dr. JIm Kambeitz for 6 years. I had hip numbness in both hips after delivering my first baby & I wanted to go to promote overall good health in my body. The first adjustment I had, I felt a warming sensation throughout my chest. He told me that this sensation was blood rushing to that area. This was a big deal to me as I have had fibroid tumors in my chest, the first one I had was 15 years ago. I had been blocked up throughout my upper body. I had been to medical docs, who snickered at the idea of using alternative ways to heal. I left their offices determined to prove them wrong. With the Gonstead specialists here at Kambeitz, I have done just that. My hip problems are gone, and the fibroid tumors have stayed away. Dr. Kambeitz also teaches & supports, a lifestyle of wholesome nutrition & exercise. He practices what he preaches,which I find highly respectable. All over the office you will find notes of natural ways to keep from getting sick etc... I highly recommend Kambeitz Chiropractic. The stress in my life, both physical & mental, have been greatly reduced." - Amy Golesh via Google+

"After almost a decade with this practice, I can't say enough about Dr. Kambeitz and his amazing staff! I get adjusted monthly for maintenance and more often when an acute problem crops up. I have recommended Dr. Kambeitz to more people than I can count. And the practice is only getting better with the addition of the exercise program and the stretching massage!" - Jamie Sarche via Google+

"I have been seeing Dr. Jim Kambeitz for almost 6 years now. I never realized how chiropractic work could help with overall wellness until I saw Dr. Kambeitz and realized there were so many benefits besides just relief from back-pain He is an amazing doctor with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The entire staff is friendly and they always knowledgeable and they do their best to accommodate all of your needs. It is always very easy to get an appointment to match your schedule. Their massage therapists are wonderful as well. I would not trust myself with any other chiropractor in the Denver metro area and would highly recommend Dr. Jim!" - Sarah Worah via Google+

"As soon as our son Max could speak, he would complain about his head hurting.  We suspect it had been hurting since he was an infant, because the groaning sounds he made in his sleep had been the same since he was in a bassinet next to our bed.

By the time Max was four years old, the headaches became so frequent, he stopped wanting to play with his toys and no longer cared to go outside.  If he wasn't sleeping, he was still lying down, and often crying.  We talked to his pediatrician many times, as well as other doctors in the same office.  Early on, they suspected ear infections, sinus problems, etc.  When the headaches became more frequent, the suspected culprit became allergies.  We changed his diet a few times to see if there were any changes but there never were.  We began to fear the worst and considered an MRI or CAT scan.  This terrified us because of what we might find out about our son, and because we would not be able to pay for that kind of testing.

One day, while contemplating all of this, I remembered how a Chiropractor helped me with problems I had been having in my arm a few years prior.  I made an appointment at Kambeitz Chiropractic.  They found that Max had a "subluxation in his C-5 vertebrae" and it was causing stress on his nervous system.  After the first visit, we started to see our son's personality come back.  By the fourth visit, he was virtually back to normal.  He had gone from headaches every day to none.

Kambeitz Chiropractic gave us our happy, playful son back and saved us what likely would have been years of tests, a great deal of anguish and thousands of dollars." - --Leslie Cresap

"I became a patient of Kambeitz Chiropractic in February of 2010.  My right shoulder and lower left back pain had been bothering me for six months.  I did not think I would be able to play softball and golf this summer for the first time ever.  I am a high school teacher and my back was affecting my work and could not stand hours on end.  I had already seen another Chiropractor for four months with little to no results.  After four weeks at Kambeitz Chiropractic my shoulder was healed and I felt no pain.  After two additional weeks, I played 18 holes and softball with no pain.  The techniques they used and exercises they recommended brought relief almost immediately.  Both doctors at Kambeitz Chiropractic are methodical and thorough as well as great listeners.  I will continue to do check ups at Kambeitz Chiropractic to keep an active lifestyle.  Thank for your expertise." Mike Edlin

"I became a patient at Kambeitz Chiropractic in April 2007.  I have always suffered with severe sciatic nerve pain and degenerative disc problems in my neck and spine for the last 25+ years due to a lifetime enjoyment of dirt bikes and football.  Many years ago I ruptured the L4/L5 disc in my spine and have never fully recovered.  I lacked full mobility in my back and neck, and had not had a restful night sleep in over 25 years.  This contributed to irritability, inability to concentrate, and frustration.  I have seen many specialists over the years, Orthopedists and physical therapists only being the most recent, and have used many prescription drugs to attempt relief.  Painkillers such as Percodan and Vicodin only gave minimal relief and muscle relaxers gave less.

My eldest daughter was a patient of Kambeitz Chiropractic and had been trying to get me to try it for awhile.  I was skeptical at first, having attempted so many things to rid myself of the pain.  Eventually she won the argument, and made a appointment for me.  I consider myself a man of few words, but I must say that this treatment has helped me far more than I ever thought it could.  I have relief that I haven't experienced in years, and my ability to sleep is slowly getting better as well.  I truly thank Dr. Kambeitz, and the staff for providing me with natural pain relief that I can count on." --Wayne H. Derby, Jr.

"I first heard of Kambeitz Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center from my partner Ninette, who attended a health fair given at her place of employment.  She suggested I try Chiropractic to address my issue of having severe migraines.  Understand, at this point I was willing to try anything.  I was getting migraines almost everyday and didn't have anything to lose.  I have never heard of treatment of migraines with chiropractic therapy, but the pain was so bad that I made an appointment.

After scheduling the first visit back in March 2007, and meeting with Dr.'s Jim and Mandi, I left the treatment and went home.  I received a migraine immediately, and knew then we were on to something.  I continued treatment over a period of weeks, and gradually the migraines were reduced in frequency.  I've gone stretches where I hadn't had a migraine in 9 weeks!!  Not bad considering I was getting them daily when I first started seeing the Dr.'s.

At this point I'm functioning normally, less not being able to enjoy a glass of red wine.  I'm almost completely migraine free.  I have to thank the team at Kambeitz Chiropractic!!" --Ted Hunt

"My first visit to seek chiropractic care was in February of 2005.  At the time, I had been having pain and sciatica.  Though I had experienced this in the past, a couple of times, this time it lasted for a much longer period of time, two or three months, and nothing seemed to give relief.  As a skier, in the midst of ski season, I was unable to enjoy the sport for more than a short period of time on the mountain.  After trying over the counter medications, hot soaks, massage, etc. I wasn't getting much relief.  My massage therapist strongly recommended that I seek chiropractic care from Dr. Jim Kambeitz.  After a few weeks of treatment, the sciatica became less and less painful and finally was gone.  There was a brief relapse after a minor fall, but again, after a few treatments I was relieved of pain.

In addition to relief of sciatic pain, the migraine headaches, I had experienced for years also stopped.  I had not known that they could be helped with chiropractic care.  Though I can't remember exactly when the migraines were no longer happening, after a while of chiropractic treatment, I realized that they were no longer interfering with my life.

I have definitely been able to enjoy a more active, pain-free life since receiving chiropractic care.  With three young grandchildren, that is very important to me!!" --Marilyn R. Young

"Back cracking, toe pulling and knee twisting were actions not included in my top ten healthcare practices.  That is, until I met Dr. Kambeitz.  I am a 51 year old racquetball fanatic, and as the saying goes, "the old gray mare ain't what she used to be!"  Thanks to Dr. Kambeitz, and his miraculous skills, my knees and back continue to give me the strength and support to play the game I love.  Beyond his chiropractic skills, Dr. Kambeitz is a compassionate and extremely caring person and a man that I consider my friend." --Sherry Armstrong

"For several months I had suffered with a stiff neck accompanied by pain and tingling in my right hand.  The pain and numbness in my hand would wake me at night and ease slightly when I walked around.  Mornings would not be much better and though out the day I would experience a feeling of my hand falling asleep.

I began seeing Dr. Kambeitz in August of 2000.  The doctor took an x-ray and we started adjustments on my neck, back, and hand.  With each adjustment the numbness subsided.  It is a tremendous feeling not to wake in the middle of the night in pain.  I am especially pleased not to have a sore stiff neck.  After only a few visits I started feeling relaxed and more physically balanced.  My experience with Dr. Kambeitz and chiropractic has been a pleasant one.  The doctor and his staff are caring and professional." --Linda Heardt

"In June of 2007 I had rotator cuff surgery to correct multiple problems in my shoulder that apparently had been building for some time. The surgery was quite successful, and of course I was in a sling for the requisite 6 weeks. About a month after the surgery, I began to experience numbness and pain along my arm. Apparently having my arm in a sling for that amount of irritated the nerves coming out of my spine at the neck, and physical therapy did not help. My surgeon did an MRI on my neck and a herniated disc was discovered (cervical- 6/7). I had never experienced a problem in that area before. So I was sent to a spine surgeon who did tests and said that without surgery on my spine, the symptoms I was experiencing would be permanent and probably get worse. Well when an extremely reputable surgeon says you need surgery, you of course listen. So I scheduled surgery, which was to entail fusion, a cadaver bone implant and a plate holding everything in place. About five days before surgery, I was talking with a client and mentioned my upcoming surgery, and his immediate response was "don't do it - I had the same thing and my chiropractor took care of it."  He strongly recommended Kambeitz Chiropractic.  Although skeptical, I left a message for Dr. Kambeitz, who called me back within an hour and said you need to postpone your surgery and get in here.  Which I did. Dr. K took x-rays and said in unequivocal language:  "I can fix you."  To make a long story short, his adjustments and other therapy have made me symptom-free.  No numbness, no pain, almost back to 100%, and no surgery on the horizon.  I have my client to thank for telling me about Kambeitz Chiropractic, and Jim to thank for doing exactly what he said he would - fix me so surgery wouldn't be necessary. Sincerely, William E. Dawn"